What is the B.A.R.F diet?

The B.A.R.F (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food) Diet consists of feeding dogs, cats and other domestic animals based on a diet consisting of raw foods.

What are the origins of a B.A.R.F diet?

Remember that the dog is a direct descendant of the wolf. Trained and socialized for centuries, it evolved into what we know today as dogs or companion animals.

Starting from that base, the veterinarian Ian Billinghurst developed this type of diet, which is basically composed of raw meaty bones, lean meat, organs and fruits and vegetables among others. His philosophy says that: “BARF is about feeding the dogs properly; his goal is to maximize the health, longevity, and reproductive capacity of dogs and, in doing so, minimize the need for veterinary intervention. How do you properly feed a dog? giving them the diet for which they evolved and are designed to eat. Artificial cereal-based diets cause myriad health problems. They are not what your dog was programmed to eat during its long evolutionary process. “

What are the benefits of Whole Barf natural food?

The most notable benefits of Whole Barf natural food are:

  • Improves coat and reduces body odor.
  • Strengthens bones and reduces flatulence.
  • Regulate your pet’s appetite and weight.
  • Increase muscle mass.
  • Greater hydration through food.
  • Decreases skin allergies.
  • Reduces the odor and volume of stool.
  • Reduces oral tartar.

In other words, a reactivation of  defenses will begin and thus an optimization of the digestive system and intestinal flora.

What should I do to switch my pet to Whole Barf (B.A.R.F diet)?

It is very important that when changing your pet’s food to our Whole Barf recipes, you make a good gradual transition so we help him better adapt and digest the new ingredients that his body is not used to processing. It is recommended that this process be done in a period of 5 days.

You should be aware that dogs that have been eating ultra-processed feed / concentrates for many years, some that already have gastrointestinal problems, have a very weakened digestive system and may not tolerate such a rapid change, causing vomiting and diarrhea. In these cases, we recommend making the change gradually and patiently for 10 days since with Whole Barf food a reactivation of your defenses will begin and thus an optimization of the digestive system and intestinal flora.

Should I supplement the food with something else?

No, our products are formulated to meet all the caloric and nutritional needs of your pet, so that it has the best development.

From what age is it advisable to give my pet a natural Whole Barf® food?

All our products are suitable for pets of any breed, from two months of age.

How to store and preserve Whole Barf® foods?

For its correct conservation you must put the Whole Barf products in your freezer until the day before consumption. Once defrosted, it can be kept in the refrigerator for a maximum of about two days. The treatment is the same as that of any minced meat product for human consumption.

Will feeding my pet raw meat cause more parasites and bacteria?

The fear of giving raw meat to our pets by bacteria is totally unfounded, dogs as carnivores are perfectly equipped biologically to deal with the meat and meaty bones of their prey. You must also bear in mind that all the ingredients used in the production of Whole Barf products pass rigorous quality and traceability controls, they are all fresh ingredients, with their respective health records, suitable for human consumption.

Can I control my pet's weight with Whole Barf natural foods?

Yes, in fact it is the best way to do it. Since you take the step to natural food with your pet, you are saving a huge part of carbohydrates, which are the main culprits of overweight in dogs that eat ultra-processed feed / concentrates, which unfortunately are the majority.

If your pet is overweight and underweight, you should calculate the feedings with what would be the ideal weight of it in our ration calculator or using the tables on the back of our packaging.

What is the cost of our natural food?

The national cost of our B.A.R.F natural food for dogs per unit of 500 grams of any presentation is from 3,900 pesos.